Mount Olive Ministries’ Dedicates Volunteer House
"We will host the group of young boys," stated Harrison Armstrong. In 2006, Mr. Armstrong's Church (Grace Bible Church of VA) was looking for volunteers to host students from Mount Olive Ministries. The purpose of the trip was to expose Mississippi kids to the historical sites in Washington D.C. Years later, Mr. Harrison and his wife (Joanie) continued to host the young boys in their home. The Armstrong's hosted camp fires and cook-outs whenever the kids were hosts in their home. Mr. Armstrong behaved as a father of Mount Olive Ministries. He would often call Tony C. Duckworth, Sr. to request a financial update. The financial request was to confirm a spiritual revelation that he had received that Mount Olive
Ministries needed additional monetary support. After Duckworth confirmed that Mount Olive Ministries has a financial shortage, " we are going to fix that," stated Armstrong." I am going to find you 100 monthly supporters," continued Armstrong. However, Mr. Armstrong died working toward his goal. Mr. Armstrong requested that all of his friends and family members send Mount Olive Ministries the money that they are planning to spend on flowers for his funeral. Even after his death, Mr. Armstrong is still finding ways to support Mount Olive Ministries.
The Harrison Armstrong family (Joanie Armstrong - wife, Amanda – daughter and Dennis Burton, Andrea – daughter and Wayne Bollinger, along with their children Chris & Cassie, and Will Armstrong - son) had the distinct honor and privilege to visit Mount Olive Ministries the weekend of August 29-31, 2014 . The family arrived Friday evening and settled in to the soon-to-be-dedicated volunteer house. On Saturday, ministry friends, Duckworth and his family joined the Harrison Armstrong family at the volunteer house for a dedication service. Duckworth spoke of the history of Harrison's involvement with the ministry and what he personally meant to his family. Duckworth prayed over the house and the work that will continue from the house. He then presented a photo of Harrison Armstrong to be placed in the home in his memory. Harrison's son, Will, placed the photo on the mantel in the living room.
After the dedication, the family toured the town of Mount Olive, noting the lack of parks and playgrounds for children and families and a downtown in need of revitalization. They also visited the ministry center that houses the school and the church which is committed to bringing the transforming light of the Gospel and the hope of a Savior to a community in need. Lots of brainstorming and idea-generating resulted from the tour. It will be so rewarding to see God’s plan unfold for the future. The family requested a wish list for future improvements and expansion.
"It was a blessing to be here for the dedication," stated Will. The Harrison Volunteer House is a beautiful home ready to accommodate teams called to partner with Mount Olive Ministries. We encourage you to bring a team, a heart to serve and love, and a huge appetite! You will not be disappointed. There is much work to do, so the Harrison Volunteer House stands as a welcoming home for year-round hosting and as a beacon to this community and a symbol of what can happen when God's people join together in unity for His purposes.
Mount Olive Ministries is an outreach dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy in the community and is committed to bringing the light of the gospel to a community that has some distinct challenges.