Campus Life
"We believe that Salvation is by grace plus nothing and minus nothing. The conditions of Salvation are repentance and faith. We further believe that a soul is saved when Christ is received as personal Savior and Lord, and that the Holy Spirit imparts eternal life."

Student Life events and programs exists to advance GCS mission statement by improving the ciricullum and promoting bible based teachings based on community life.
Chapel is held every Friday morning with programs designed to help meet the spiritual needs of students. These programs include praise and worship music, special guests and a regular teaching time. Faculty members will often lead the devotionals, and students are encouraged to share their talents. We may have special times when longer Chapel periods will be held.
Cookouts & Fundraisers
Fundraising events at Grace Christian helps offset the cost of tuition for the families. Each cookout/fundraiser provides the students and their families with an opportunity to work together with the community to support the school and make improvemets in cirriculum and programs.