Welcome to Grace Christian School
"We believe that a New Testament Church is a local group of baptized believers, united for His purpose and knowledge and spread of the Word of God, including worldwide missions. We believe the local church to be completely independent and autonomous with no other person, group, or body having any authority, jurisdiction, or control whatsoever over it."

New Student Admission
The following is a list of procedures that will guide new students applying for enrollment at Grace Christian School. An incomplete application file may result in a student not being considered for acceptance.
  1. Obtain a New Student Packet from the Admissions Office. (Packet is also available at Mount Olive Community church or the Mount Olive Ministries’ Office).
  2. Read all information carefully and submit completed application and information as indicated in the packet:
    1. Current Application for Admissions
    2. Copy of current report card for students applying for grades 1-9 *
    3. Unofficial copy of transcript (showing high school credits received) for students applying for grades 1st-8th *
    4. Copy of most recent standardized test scores
    5. Copy of current shot records (HHS Forms 3040 & 680)
    6. State certified birth certificate
    7. Recent photo or snapshot
    8. Personal testimony from each parent
    9. Personal testimony from student entering grades 6th – 8th
    10. Honor Code, signed by student entering 6th—8th grade and parents
    11. Application fee ($25.00)
  3. Character references are also required. Complete the top portion, sign, and distribute as indicated in the Admissions Packet instructions. As these references are confidential, they should be returned directly to the Admissions Office by the person completing the character reference. Interviews will not be conducted until all references have been received.
  4. Testing: A placement test will be administered to all new students. The test is designed to deter-mine the student’s suitability for studies at GCS. Test dates are listed in the Admissions Packet. The test requires approximately 1½ to 2½ hours for completion, depending on the grade level.
  5. The student interview will be conducted by an administrator or supervising teacher in the presence of a parent to determine the compatibility of the student with the values, educational goals, and standards of GCS. A parent or guardian must be present at the time of the interview. Testing and interviewing are required to complete an application file.
  6. Re-enrollment: A student’s status will be reviewed yearly. Invitations to re-enroll will be based on the student’s disciplinary behavior, attendance record, and parent participation. Application for re-enrollment will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

* Transferring students must also bring their checkout sheet from their previous school.

Applications are reviewed for acceptance by an Admissions Committee made up of Principals, Administrators and other staff members.