MOM Plans To Implement New Christian School

After 20 years of seeking academic improvement for the failing elementary and high school, Tony C. Duckworth, Sr. decides to do something other than continuously meet with local school leaders to only have promises broken. Duckworth’s frustration led him to start a new school called Grace Christian School since Mount Olive Ministries has been actively involved providing academic counseling to high school students, counseling students for college, assisting them with the ACT, assisting them with college enrollment, and assisting them with career option.

“I am thankful to finally have a Bible-base school and a school dedicated to academic excellent for my children,” stated Erisha Galtin. Erisha pleaded with Duckworth to expand the school through 8th grade to cover both of her girls. The emotional plea persuaded Duckworth to accept the challenge to expand the school through 8th grade. Many of the Mount Olive residents are aware of the impact Mount Olive Ministries is having on the youth in and around the city. According to Duckworth, “some of the students that have participating in Mount Olive Ministries are now in college, teaching in other school systems, coaching, and serving in the armed force.” Duckworth eagerly points out that the treasury (Johnnie Barnes, Jr.) of Mount Olive Ministries’ Board of Directors is a former student of Mount Olive Ministries. According to Barnes, “Mount Olive Ministries played an important role in my maturation as a Christian man.”

“Grace Christian School will provide an advanced academic curriculum with biblical classes to nurture Christian character values,” stated Duckworth. Despite not having its own facilities, the school will use Mount Olive Community Church and Mount Olive Ministries’ facilities. In additional to the curriculum, Grace Christian School will emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The school will also implement mathematics, science, speech, robotic, and spelling bee competition as an extracurricular activity. The school will start out with 82 students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade. Shannon Duckworth (director of Kids Zone - an after school program) stated, “I am really excited about Grace Christian because I will finally have the additional help to ensure each child has received the proper academic assistant for the following school day.” Grace Christian School will use the A Beka Education curriculum, a Bible-based curriculum offered by a Pensacola, FL based educational materials company. A Beka Book provides Christian school with outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training.

The school has two steps lingering as it prepares to open in August 2014. One, the school needs to secure 82 sponsors for the 82 students. According to Duckworth, “God has blessed the school with 35 sponsors as of January 2014. The Grace Christian School tuition is divided into three third to assist those students coming from median family income of $15,000 annually. The family is responsible for two third ($2,000 or $200 monthly) of the tuition while Duckworth secures a sponsor for the final third ($1,000 or $100 monthly). And two, the school needs $15,000 to purchase textbooks for the Grace Christian School. Grace Christian School will need the textbooks in its possession by June 2014. If you would like to become a Grace Christian School sponsor or provide funding for text books, please send email to or Checks for sponsorship or textbooks should be made payable to Mount Olive Ministries.